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South Korea KC Certification Regulations Latest Up

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Introduction: In order to simplify procedures for KC certification,some changes have been made to the KC certification since July 2018. 6G will be required to test for radiation test RS,and the applicable standard is KN 301 489-1, KN 61000-6-1,KN 61000-6-2。 ...

In order to simplify the testing and certification procedures for KC certification,the following changes have been made to the KC certification since July 2018:

RRA Announcement 2018-51

1. For the Equality series or the same product, no secondary testing is required.
2. Establish a conformity assessment committee to classify the description of the equipment.
3. Relaxation of the requirements for qualified certification applications. If the circuit diagram is not provided, retesting is required or a retest report should be submitted to RRA every two years.
4. Simplify the certification process for the same product. Other applicants of the same product can apply for the KC certificate directly without the need to re-test with authorization of the holder of the certificate.
5. Unlike the current rule that only one licensee can obtain KC certificate, the new Multi-licensee rule allows multiple licensees to obtain a KC test report through a joint application.
6. Some product certification types will be changed from Certification to Conformity Registration, such as RFID/USN products.
7.Iincrease the new category of electric bicycles, the standard is KN15194, including electric bicycles, electric skateboards, electric wheelchairs, motorcycles and other similar products.
8. The changes of KC label are as follows. The transition period is from August 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. So before this, both old and new numbers can be used, and after that the new number issued under the new rules should be used.

1) Deleted 2 categories (test type and applicant type) in the KC certificate number
2) Added Same Product Code - "S", that is to say,multiple tests can be avoided for the same product certificate with multiple licensees.
3) Changed the certification number:

9. 6G will be required to test for Radiation test RS. The applicable standards are KN 301 489-1, KN 61000-6-1, KN 61000-6-2.

10. EMF products will be enforced on January 1, 2019, including 12 sub-categories in kitchen heating equipment:

11. Electro-hydraulic heating equipment will be implemented on January 1, 2019.

Radio Frequency Regulations (MISP Announcement 2018-3, 18.1/23)

1. Since June 27, 2018, the band of WLAN 5GHz has been changed, it allows the channel bandwidth to be increased to 160 MHz, and relaxes the requirements for power and antenna gain.

2. The power limit of the 5150~5250 MHz band becomes higher (see table below)

3. For devices using OBW 40 MHz or lower than 40 MHz, the power must be ≤ 2.5 mW/MHz.

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