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Automobile Electronic Testing

Automobile Electronic Testing

Automobile Electronics Laboratory

DDT Automotive Electronics Laboratory has a customized anechoic chamber for automobile electronics,2 electromagnetic shielding rooms, a full set of CISPR 25 automotive electronic components space radiation and conduction testing equipment, a full set of ISO11452-2 automotive radiation immunity testing equipment.full set of ISO 11452-4 BCI testing equipment, full set of  ISO 11452-8 magnetic field immunity testing equipment, full set of ISO 16750-2 equipment,full set of ISO 7637-2/-3 automobile electronic transient emission and conducted immunity testing equipments,full set of ISO 11452- 9 portable transmitter testing equipment and others. The laboratory has a maximum test voltage of 1000V and a maximum test current of 800A.

Automobile Electronics Laboratory Testing Items and Standards

EMC Testing Items and Standards

Electrical load and electrical performance testing items and standards

Automobile Electronics Laboratory Testing Scope

Multi-function car entertainment system, GPS navigation system, car refrigerator, car charger, car inverter, car amplifier, reversing rear view system, parking sensor, car anti-theft system, car tire pressure monitoring system drive motor, HID ballast lamp, ABS System, ECU controller

Testing Lab
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