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Automobile Electronic Testing

Automobile Electronic Testing

Automobile Electronics Laboratory

DDT Automotive Electronics Laboratory has a customized anechoic chamber for automobile electronics,2 electromagnetic shielding rooms, a full set of CISPR 25 automotive electronic components space radiation and conduction testing equipment, a full set of ISO11452-2 automotive radiation immunity testing equipment.full set of ISO 11452-4 BCI testing equipment, full set of  ISO 11452-8 magnetic field immunity testing equipment, full set of ISO 16750-2 equipment,full set of ISO 7637-2/-3 automobile electronic transient emission and conducted immunity testing equipments,full set of ISO 11452- 9 portable transmitter testing equipment and others. The laboratory has a maximum test voltage of 1000V and a maximum test current of 800A.

Automobile Electronics Laboratory Testing Items and Standards

Automobile Electronics Laboratory Testing Scope

Multi-function car entertainment system, GPS navigation system, car refrigerator, car charger, car inverter, car amplifier, reversing rear view system, parking sensor, car anti-theft system, car tire pressure monitoring system drive motor, HID ballast lamp, ABS System, ECU controller

Testing Lab
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