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Multimedia Self-service Terminal

Multimedia Self-service Terminal

Multimedia Self-service Terminal Testing Standards

Self-service terminal is a high-tech product which integrates computer technology, network technology, electro-mechanical technology and automatic control technology.It can selectively integrate computer, switching power supply, printer, card reader, heater and other modules inside, and can complete a series of complex actions such as card reading, uploading, checking, detection, query, banknote suction, banknote spitting, transfer, printing and so on.The more complex the internal structure of such products, the larger the size and the heavier the weight. Companies can select internal components based on product application areas and functions. Among the components that have a significant impact on EMC performance are computers, power supplies, printers, displays, and cash-out modules. Is it true that the EMC performance of the entire system is good after combining these components with relatively good EMC performance into a complex system? This is not necessarily the case. Because there are also stray electromagnetic field energy coupling between various components, the anti-disturbance performance of the components themselves, and other factors,all of these will affect the EMC performance of the whole system.

Multimedia Self-service Terminal Testing Requirements

China: need to test EMI

Europe: EMI+EMS both need o test

United States: Need to test EMI

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