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Lamps and Lanterns Products

Lamps and Lanterns Products

Lighting Products Main Testing Standards

The certification of lamps and lighting appliances shall meet the requirements of Safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), energy consumption,IP dust-proof and waterproof level and other relevant regulations.

Battery powered lamps only use low-voltage DC, so there is no product safety concerns, only EMC requirements need to be considered;If the adapter is a product that has already been certified as safe by the corresponding standard, the safety considerations are simple; while EMC depends on whether Oscillator /Clock is used in the internal circuit or not.

EU and IEC standards have requirements on both EMI (interference) and EMS (anti-interference),while the CCC of China, FCC of the United States, IC of Canada and C-tick of Australia only have requirements on EMI.In terms of the formulation of standards,all countries and regions just make minor adjustments to be in accordance with IEC standards,except US and Canada.

Certification Requirements in Each Country or Region

Eu CE certification requirements

Application: ce-emc

Test items: interference part and anti-interference part

Interference: CE RE (CDN alternative) LOOP Harmonic Flicker

Anti-Interference: ESD CS RS EFT DIPS PFMF(with hall components) SURGE(note: non-electronic lighting equipment is considered to meet the standard requirements, no need to test)

Australia, New Zealand c-tikc certification requirements

Application: c-tikc

Test item: only test the interference part

Interference: CE RE L00P

Test voltage: AC240V (no voltage regulation)

FCC certification requirements in the United States

Application: FCC-VOC(self-verification)

Test item: CE RE (free space radiation method only)

Test voltage: 120V

Test standard: FCC PART18&FCC PART15(LED)

PSE certification requirements

Application: PSE- circle

Test item: CE DP(day standard only requires test power disturbance, not space radiation!)LOOP ANTENNA

Test voltage: 100V

All kinds of lamps and accessories test requirements

Indoor lighting

Incandescent lamps: incandescent lamps without dimming devices or electronic switches don't have to test.

Other lamps and lanterns: besides incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps and lanterns, other lamps and lanterns must do conduction test.

Lamps with a working frequency greater than 100Hz must have a three-ring antenna and space radiation.

Independent accessories for lighting equipment

An independent accessories is an electrical or electronic device used outside a luminaire to regulate the current or voltage of a gas discharge lamp or incandescent lamp.Conducting tests (including load interface) are required for semiconductor devices.

The white ballast lamp

The ballast and starting device of the white ballast lamp are packaged together with the light source into a separate device.

The white ballast lamp is equipped with threaded or bayonet cap, which can be directly inserted into the suitable lamp holder.

The white ballast lamp must meet the requirements of conducting test, and the working frequency greater than 100Hz must meet the requirements of three-ring antenna and space radiation test.

Outdoor lighting equipment

Outdoor lighting is used for general lighting in public areas, as well as safe lighting for buildings and restaurants.

Outdoor lighting in private, industrial or similar places (not applicable to lighting at airports which may be subject to special launch requirements).

Not suitable for neon lights and other advertising signs.

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