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Quality Policy Statement

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Introduction: Fairness, scientificity, accuracy, high-efficiency. ...

1.1  Quality Policy

1.1.1  Quality Policy Statement

Fairness, scientificity, accuracy, high-efficiency. Fairness

Seeking truth from facts, conducting tests in a fair and impartial manner, without interference from other aspects such as business, finance, and other internal and external administrative pressures, treating all customers with a responsible spirit and a neutral attitude, and ensuring the fairness of testing behavior. Scientificity

The operation process must be standardized and well-founded. Meanwhile, the personnel should handle the problems occurred during the testing with a scientific attitude to ensure the standardization and scientificity of the testing work.  Accuracy

The test results and reports should be accurate without any data or conclusive errors, and the other errors should be minimized to ensure the accuracy of the test results.  High-efficiency

During the work, the personnel should think about what customers may think, improve work efficiency and avoid work delay. Meanwhile, the personnel should have an insight into new circumstances observantly, keep pace with the times by following new technology and new fashion, and improve the efficiency of the test work.

1.2 Quality Objective

the accuracy rate of the test results >98%; the timely rate of test results >95%; the customer satisfaction rate >90%; the customer complaint rate <2%

1.3 Quality Commitment

1.3.1 The testing work of the company is strictly based on the current effective national standards. Appropriate requirements from customers are allowed if there are special circumstances.

1.3.2 All of the testing equipment are inspected and calibrated periodically according to the requirements. The results are all qualified and can be traceable to the national standard.

1.3.3 All of the testing personnel in the company work with valid tester certifications.

1.3.4 The company has established practical and feasible control methods for various factors that affect the quality of testing during the testing process to ensure the quality of the testing.

1.3.5 The company protects the confidentiality of customers and timely deals with the customer's objection to the test results.

1.3.6 The company regards the test data and the quality of test results issued by testers as an important evaluation indicator. Testers who makes fake testing reports or wrong data which causes economic loss to customers will receive corresponding punishment or even contract termination if in severe cases.

1.3.7 The Company continuously plans and implements corresponding measures to risks and opportunities identified by the company, to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

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