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Gather dreams and create brilliance together! 2019

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Introduction: Gather dreams and create brilliance together! 2019 DDT Annual Meeting Review ...

"This is a big family happy party

This is a grand event to start a new journey."

Here is the breath of spring and vitality

We give back this year with a grand event.

and play a prelude to the new year!

In the past 2018, all DDT people

Unite and forge ahead,

Written the wonderful Huazhang with hard work and wisdom

2019 full of good hopes

We will not forget the initial heart

Concentrate on the force

Dreaming of voyages, creating new glory!

2018, is the year of connecting the past and the future

2019, destined to be extraordinary!

Below, let's focus on this annual meeting again!

Manager Yu's speech

At the meeting, Manager Yu reviewed 2018 with everyone, and sent sincere wishes, which touched our hearts and inspired us.




Excellent Employees

Group Photo

The harvest of this year is the joint efforts of all DDT people.

Looking forward to 2019, we will make persistent efforts to deliver a more perfect future!

2018 has become a thing of the past

Looking back on this year, DDT -

Struggled in confusion but still look forward to the future

We have been suffering in pain but never gave up

Be happy when successful, but don't be sloppy.

At the moment of the peak, We still eager to surpass ourself.

Monofilament is not in line, monolithic is not a forest

2019, we insist on dreams

Unstoppable light will still shine in every corner of life

Thanks for the hard work of us, the new year, I hope

The future will not forget the original heart

In the new Year

There are still many wonderful wishes for everyone.

I wish you all a smooth and healthy work in 2019.

Good luck and wealth are coming!

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