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CQC Notice on Related Work During n-CoV

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Introduction: In order to win the battle against the Novel Coronavirus epidemic, China Quality Certification Center (CQC) has made the following work arrangements to be implemented from now on. ...

In order to implement "Notice on the Good Implementation of Quality Certification during the Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak" announced by the State Administration for Market Regulation, to support the production and operation activities of enterprises during the "fighting epidemic" period, and to win the battle against the epidemic, China Quality Certification Center (CQC) has made the following work arrangements to be implemented from now on.

1.  To start emergency woke mode

All the staff will work online and be ready to respond to your needs in a timely manner by all means such as phone, internet, email and so on.

2.  On-line services

You can lodge certification applications, submit data, upload results, apply for conformity assessment, certificate delivery and purchase certification mark on CQC Product Certification Management System ( at any time.

CQC also provides the following services for your convenience:

(1) To arrange product testing by the principle of reducing traveling and selecting nearby locations.

(2) For documents that require original documents (e.g. certification applications, etc.), you can upload electronic version (scanning) in the form of attachments in the system, and documents in hard copies should be re-posted within 3 months after the end of the outbreak;

(3) To provide customized services for customers who urgently need to obtain certificates, notices and purchase certification marks, while speeding up the control of the various processes and providing EMS delivery services free of charge.

3.  To Launch the Green Channel

From now on and till the outbreak is basically over, CQC will launch a green special channel for the products related to fighting or alleviating the outbreak. CQC will arrange specialist to follow up and deal with the business of products which are used to preventing and controlling the epidemic urgently while the whole process will be given priority. For the customers in Hubei province (registered or production address in Hubei), CQC will adopt electronic business and facilitation operations for the whole process, while arranging a responsible specialist on duty. CQC will take the practical action to provide premium and more efficient services to customers in the affected areas.

4. Factory inspection activities

(1) From now on, the headquarter of CQC has suspended all on-site inspection activities carried out by personnel in China, the re-start time will depend on the epidemic situation and will be notified. For the on-site inspection for overseas customers, CQC will entrust overseas institutions to implement.

(2) For the factory inspection that has been carried out and required correction, CQC will extend the time limit for correction to 3 months after the epidemic is over. During the outbreak, CQC accepts the correction documents submitted by the enterprise, and carries out the assessment work, but does not carry out on-site verification activities.

(3) If there are special reasons in urgent need of certification, resumption, address change and other requirements, you can contact CQC sub-centers, CQC will provide customized factory inspection plan.

5. Suspend the processing of certificates

From now on and till the outbreak is over, the validity of certificate that has expired or needs to be supervised shall be extended until 3 months after the outbreak is over.

For certificate held by enterprises that are affected by the outbreak and cannot accept factory inspection, the suspension time limit for certificate can be extended until 3 months after the outbreak is over.

The time of the outbreak is subject to government announcements.

6. Follow-up management

Certified enterprises should ensure that the certified products continue to meet the relevant certification requirements. After the outbreak is over, CQC will continue to strengthen quality management, control certification risks, continuously track the effectiveness of the materials provided by the enterprise and verify it if necessary, in accordance with compliance requirements.

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