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Good News|DDT Obtained CBTL Qualification

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Introduction: On September 11, 2018,,DDT succefully passed the assessment of IECEE CBTL,and obtained the qualification of TÜV Rheinland CBTL on December 11 2018. ...

On September 11, 2018,,DDT succefully passed the assessment of IECEE CBTL,and obtained the qualification of TÜV Rheinland CBTL on December 11 2018.Technical experts from IECEE and NCB conducted a comprehensive, rigorous and meticulous assessment of the personnel, equipment, environmental conditions, testing capabilities and operation of the quality system of the DDT Laboratory.

Photo of DDT Manager Yu and CBTL Assessment People

DDT has been highly appreciated by the assessment group for its high management level, excellent personnel quality and standardized  on-site operation. At present, the scope of TÜV Rheinland CBTL qualification obtained by DDT covers dozens of standards for various products such as information technology, audio and video, and lighting products.

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IECEE is the the International Electrotechnical Committee System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrical Equipment,CB SCHEME is the scheme for mutual recognition of test certificates for electrical equipment. The certification bodies of the member countries test and evaluate the safety performance of electrical products based on IEC standards. The test results are CB report and CB certificate,which is mutual recognized between member countries,the purpose of the scheme is to reduce international trade barriers arising from the need to meet the criteria for certification or ratification in different countries, thereby promoting the sound development of international trade!

With qualifications such as IECEE CBTL, CNAS, CMA, SABS and A2LA, and many years of rich experience in certification, such as radio frequency, audio and video, ITE, automotive electronics, internet of things, lighting, etc., DDT can provide you complete, reliable and timely structural inspection preliminary assessment to ensure that the electrical and mechanical structure, EMC etc. of your product can fully meet the requirements of various standards during the research, and help enterprises quickly obtain national certification, and smoothly export products to North America, the European Union, Australia, Japan, South Korea and other countries!

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