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EU E/e-Mark Certification

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What is E/e-Mark certification?

1.E/e Mark,the European Common Market,motor vehicles,and its accessories noise and exhaust gas, etc., they must comply with the requirements of EU directive [EEC Directives] and the ECE Regulation (ECE Regulation).EU will grant a certificate to it after they pass the requirements, to ensure the safety of driving and environmental protection requirements.
2.E-Mark numbers varies according to the country. For example, E-Mark mark in Denmark is E18/e18.

EU E/e-Mark Certification Application Information

1. New customer information form (applicants apply for E/e4, 8 for the first time, otherwise do not fill)

2. Primary review form (applicants apply for E/e4, 8 for the first time, otherwise they will not be filled)

3. The contract signed between the applicant and the manufacturer (the manufacturer and the applicant are required to fill in, otherwise they are not filled)

4. Power of Attorney (required)

5. Application form (required)

6, product consistency declaration (multiple models need to be filled, otherwise do not fill)

7. Trademark Instruction Manual (Applicants need to fill in their own brands, otherwise they will not be filled)

8. Subsidiary company claims (affiliation needs to be filled)

9. Agent letter (required)

10. Manufacturer's ISO certificate (if there is no ISO certificate, need to be audited), the applicant's business license

Service Scope:

1.Vehicles -  two/three or more motor vehicles, such as passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles,buses and vehicles outside the road;
2.Automobile locomotive components - lights and light bulbs, sight glasses, tires, rims, brakes,horns, anti-theft devices, seat belts, automotive glass and exhaust pipes, etc.;
3.Motor vehicles and its accessories,such as safety helmets, child safety seats, car accessories,etc.

Since October 2002, all vehicles, vehicle parts, and electronic products used in vehicles must be mandated to perform EMC testing. All electronic components sold in Europe must comply with EMC Directive 95/54/EC,and self-declaration in accordance with EMC Directive 89/336/EEC will no longer be valid. The agency authorized by EU will issue the E/e Mark certificate for vehicles products. In other words, the CE (EMC) certification originally applied for vehicle electronic and electronic components will no longer be valid from October 2002. They should apply for the E/eMark certificate issued by the European National Transportation Department before it can be sold in the European market.

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