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Thailand NBTC Certification

Type:Thailand Certification Date: 2018-12-06 Hits: 1506

What is NBTC certification?

All wireless and telecommunications products must obtain NBTC certification before entering the market. Only companies registered in Thailand can be licensed. According to product classification, NBTC applications are classified into Class A, Class B, and sDoC.

Department in Charge: NBTC Character: Compulsory
Test Location: CNAS Laboratory Holder of Certificate: Factory
Certification time: 2-3 weeks Period of Validity: no
Local Agency: Needed Factory Auditing: no need

Thailand NBTC certification application basic processes:

Class A, Class B, and sDoC  are for different wireless products,and are operated differently.

Prepare information: including RF reports and application materials

Submit for review:materials submitted to NBTC for review

Issue certificate: NBTC issue certificate

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