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International CB Certification

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What is CB certification?

1.The CB program is an international certification network consisted of certification bodies from 42 countries including Asia, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Africa and Europe.There is one or one more certification bodies designated as the national CB certification body in each member country by the international electrotechnical Commission.
2.CB report can be used to apply for national certification marks in all CB countries;
3.CB exists in the form of a report

CB Mark:

International CB Certification Application

•Applicants need to provide information when applying for CB test certificate

•CB test application (seal/signature)

•Business license

•Product material / product key parts list

•Technical information of the product

• Difference test requirements

Note: Applicants canapply CCC certification if the sample is the same.

CCC certification and +CB certification

CCC or CQC mark certification, can be bundled with CB certification application,you can apply for CB certification for free at the same time when applying for CCC certification.

Applicant can apply CB certification for free after they get the CCC certification for 1 year when applying together, if there is no difference between the IEC standard on which the CB certification is based and the GB standard on which the CCC certification is based, no sample will be needed for the CB certification,the test report can be converted directly. If there is the version or other difference between the IEC standard and the GB standard, only the difference part needs to do the supplementary test.

When applying together, you need to fill in the CCC certification and CB certification application at the same time, and indicate the IEC standard version on which the CB certification is based.

China joins the CB system product category

• 1 wire cable (CABL)

• 2 capacitors as components (CAP)

• 3 appliance switches and automatic controllers for household appliances (CONT)

• 4 energy efficiency (E3)

• 5 household and similar equipment (HOUS)

• 6 mounting accessories and connecting devices (INST)

• 7 lighting equipment (LITE)

• 8 Miscellaneous (MISC)

•9 Information Technology and Office Equipment (OFF)

• 10 low voltage high power switchgear (POW)

• 11 installation protection equipment (PROT)

• 12 safety transformers and similar equipment (SAFE)

• 13 Portable Power Tools (TOOL)

• 14 electronic entertainment devices (TRON)


1.Can I apply for a CB certificate at the same time when I apply for a CCC/CQC certificate?

Yes, you can apply for CB for free at the same time when appling for CCC/CQC, and you get two certificates at one time.

2.Does the CB certification need factory inspection?

No,CB certification is only for sample testing. Factory inspection will be needed when you want to convert to other country's certification,and you can contact CQC,as CQC has signed factory inspection mutual entrustment agreements with many foreign institutions.

CB mark

The CB logo can not be used directly for commercial promotion for product, such as printing it on the outer packaging. but the certificate holder can refer to the purchaser in the business letter that they have obtained the CB certification,which will help to sell the product.

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