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US UL Certification

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What is UL certification?

UL(Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) certification is a non-mandatory certification in US,it's mainly engaged in  testing and certification for product safety performance, it doesn't have requirements in EMC.

UL Mark:

UL application procedure

1.Sign an entrusted agreement, submit the written application and relevant company and product                                   information to UL at the same time.
3.Make payment
5.Send sample to UL or witness the test
6.Close the case
7.First factory inspection
8.Buy UL tags
9.The applicant is authorized to use the UL mark

10.Routine factory inspection

UL certification significance

1. The entire US market pays great attention to product safety; consumers and purchasers will choose products with        UL certification mark when purchasing products.
2. UL has a history more than 100 years,it is deeply rooted in consumers and the government, if you do not directly sell products to consumers, the distributor will require products with UL certification to make sure that the products sell well.
3. American consumers and purchasers have more confidence in products of enterprises.
4.There are more than 40,000 political districts in the federal, state, county, and municipal governments of the United States,and UL mark is recognized by all of the districts.

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